U.S. Trust Quarterly Reports

Every quarter at U.S. Trust, I was responsible for re-drafting marketing materials for all institutional products, updating them with new text and data, redrawing graphs, and preparing them for print. (~50 different products)

Institutional Division Brochure
Quarterly Update Trifold
Fund Spotlight Brochure
"Green" Quarterly Whitepaper
Quarterly Product One-Sheet

Other projects:

I Enjoy Coffee
Science Fiction Land
Wormburner: Pleasant Living In Planned Communities
Geeks OUT: "McKellen Me Softly" Tribute Show
Gateway: The Book of Wizards
modHero 2009 (Part 2)
X Games Press Lounge "Food Truck"
Ice & Fire Punk
The Bogmen at Bowery Ballroom 2014
Geeks OUT Bat-Fan Posters
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