The Games Place

I worked with The Games Place, a startup boutique game shop, to develop their visual ID and marketing material. The challenge was to make board games “cool” and get people past notions of Monopoly and Uno. Think “Apple” branding for board games. Fun, but clean, modern and hip. I designed their logo, website, shop posters and advertisements.

Website homepage draft
Website item page draft
Shop sign #1
Postcard targeted at metrosexual men
Postcard targeted at parents
Postcard targeted at geeks
Postcard targeted at parents
Postcard back

Other projects:

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Avengers Infographics
modHERO 2016
Deco Droids
Geeks OUT: "Takei Back the Night" Tribute Show
Geeks OUT Branded Merch
X Games Press Lounge "Food Truck"
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