Science Fiction Land

I had the pleasure of working with some of Jack "King" Kirby's artwork, as well as creating an original poster design for the documentary film Science Fiction Land. The film tells the true story fictionalized in the hit film Argo. I created a movie poster, a retro button, a promotional "access pass", a postcard, two stickers, a mug, and two T-shirts for the film. Find out more about the movie projetct at All original Kirby art assets are ©Barry Ira Geller.

Movie Poster
"Sam" T-shirt with 2-color fade effect
3-color T-Shirt
Retro Button, designed to look like the original 1975 button.
"Travel" postcard. Background image by Jack Kirby ©Barry Ira Geller. Other images from NASA archive.
Sticker with 2-color fade. Art by Jack Kirby ©Barry Ira Geller
Circle-cut sticker design. Image from NASA archive. 
"All Access Pass" promotional card.
Wrap-around mug design. Art by Jack Kirby ©Barry Ira Geller

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