Music & Nightlife Design

Designing material for bands and entertainers shaped me as an artist. I don't work in this area as often as I once did, but I still do a few posters and CD packages a year for some of my favorite bands.

The City & Horses: I Don't Want to Dream
The City & Horses Concert Posters
Wormburner: Bells of St. Ignatious
Wormburner Show Posters
Team Spirit Animal Squad & Trapeze Loft Posters
The Bogmen: Lookin' For Heaven In The Barrio
Wormburner: Placed By The Gideons
Wormburner: A Hero's Welcome
Wormburner: Pleasant Living In Planned Communities
The Bogmen at Bowery Ballroom 2014
Ice & Fire Punk
Ice & Fire Punk - YEAR TWO!
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