Geeks OUT Promotional Handouts

Geeks OUT stickers, postcards and buttons to be handed out at comic cons.

"Geeks OUT Thinks I'm Fierce" Viral sticker
"He's Not My Ward. He's My Man." Postcard
"Hot Caped Realness" Venn Diagram Postcard
"'m Gay For Cute Girls In Masks" Postcard
"Member: Invisible Jet Mile High Club" Postcard
"Geek OUT With Your Bleep Out" Postcard

Other projects:

Lexus National Dealer Meeting Event Branding 2014
Wormburner: Pleasant Living In Planned Communities
modHero 2010 (Part 1)
Lexus National Dealer Meeting Graphic I.D. 2013
Gateway: The Book of Wizards
modHERO 2016
MoMATH - Tile Factory
Columbia University Medical Center
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