"Geeks OUT Thinks I'm Fierce" Viral sticker
"He's Not My Ward. He's My Man." Postcard
"Hot Caped Realness" Venn Diagram Postcard
"'m Gay For Cute Girls In Masks" Postcard
"Member: Invisible Jet Mile High Club" Postcard
"Geek OUT With Your Bleep Out" Postcard

Other projects:

Gateway: The Book of Wizards
Deco Droids
Geeks OUT Branded Merch
Bowling Blind Website
modHero 2009 (Part 2)
Ice & Fire Punk - YEAR TWO!
Geeks OUT Bat-Fan Posters
modHero 2010 (Part 1)
Roslan & Campion Website
Wormburner: Placed By The Gideons
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