Josh Siegel, Principal Designer
Astoria, Queens
P. 347 742 6899

I'm a creative service professional with nearing twenty years of experience in the graphic arts. I'm also an entrepreneurial artist, establishing a unique business of my own, while founding a groundbreaking non-profit. 
My design clients have included The Museum of Modern Art, The X Games, Bank of America, The Bogmen, Lexus, Scholastic, and many others.

My job experience includes having spent time as an art director, designer, retoucher, production artist and desktop publisher in fields ranging from fashion to finance.

I currently travel the country showing and selling prints of my work at pop culture fan expos. This self-owned and operated business, called modHERO has been my primary job since 2014. I enjoy interacting with fans, and I find the experience very inspiring.

In 2010 I helped found the LGBTQ+ non-profit Geeks OUT. Recognizing a lack of representation and diversity in comics culture, Geeks OUT brought queer-positive spaces and events to comic cons. We also held monthly social events in NYC, ranging from mixers and meet-ups, to geeky self-defense classes, film screenings, and art shows. Now, chapters of Geeks OUT have been established in Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC, holding regular social events.

As a founding member, I still serve on the board of Geeks OUT as Vice President, and fill the role of Creative Director.

In 2015, Geeks OUT held Flame Con, New York City's premier queer comic con — an event which I spearheaded. Flame Con is the largest event of its kind in the U.S., drawing in thousands of fans and hundreds of creators, showcasing an incredible, diverse array of talented, enthusiastic geeks, and underscoring the vibrant community Geeks OUT helped foster. In 2016, Flame Con will be expanding to two days and moving into a larger venue.

I am a managing director of Flame Con, responsible for creative direction and programming.
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